The game for REAL storm chasers!

...Feel the chill of tracking down one of nature's most feared beasts that sweeps the earth at day and night. Without warning, it can completely level a town. It is your job to save lives from the STORM...

Development Blog - Video Episodes
Find out the latest information about how the development of the game is progressing...

Episode 3

Project Dome - Part 1

In this episode we review the Build Mode of Project Dome.


Episode 4

Punching the core - Part 1

In this episode we discuss our focus on the development of the core game engine and the AI Traffic system.


Episode 5

Punching the core - Part 2

In this episode we focus on the weather generation portion of the game engine.


Episode 6

Punching the core - Part 3

In this episode we highlight the upcoming update to our website. Then we dig deeper into the weather system and the upper-atmospheric conditions of the game.